New Geriatric Priority Admission Service (GPAS)

24/7 Direct Medical Admission Service

Call 0439 417 020

If your elderly patient requires hospitalisation for medical assessment, care or rehabilitation, they may be eligible for a direct private admission.

The Healthscope Geriatric Priority Admission Service (GPAS) is a one-stop medical admission service designed to assist GPs, Geriatricians, Residential Aged Care Facilities and local Hospitals direct admission for DVA and privately insured elderly patients.

GPAS aims to simplify access to specialist care and private hospital beds, providing a more comfortable and efficient alternative to Emergency Department transfers and minimizing out of pocket costs for patients.

Ringwood Private is part of Healthscope, supporting the communities of eastern Melbourne.

Our admission officer will coordinate the admission of your patient on your behalf.

The Admissions Officer will assist you by:

  • Advising on suitability of the patient referral
  • Referring your patient to a VMO or on call Geriatrician
  • Facilitate a comprehensive clinical handover
  • Confirm bed availability at one of our two local private hospitals
  • Conduct patient health fund check and confirm any out of pocket expenses with the patient.

Our Medical Officers are also contactable directly and can facilitate an admission to Ringwood Private Hospital.

Our Geriatricians

Ringwood Private Hospital

  • Dr Harry Harianto | Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine
  • Dr Madan Ravikumar | Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine
  • Dr Bal Subedi | Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine
  • Dr Sunil Thota | Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine
  • Dr Wee Kheng Soo | Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Medical Oncology
  • Dr Mehrnoosh Kiumarsi | Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Palliative Medicine

The phone number for Ringwood Direct Admissions is 0439 417 020.



GPAS is further supported with direct access to Healthscope’s Knox Private Hospital’s state of the art Emergency Department, Critical Care Unit and comprehensive diagnostic, cardiac, medical and surgical services.

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