Ringwood Cancer Centre

Ringwood Cancer Centre, situated at Ringwood Private Hospital, will direct patients to the most appropriate specialist through all aspects of the cancer journey.

Referrals to Ringwood Cancer Centre and appointments for patients are available 24/7, all year around.

With a GP referral, Ringwood Cancer Centre staff will coordinate specialist consultations for all cancers.

As a part of the complete care offered by Ringwood Private Hospital are the treatments and services includes surgery chemotherapy, radiotherapy, radiology and pathology, a lymphoedema clinic, cancer support services, onsite gym, physiotherapy in the home and palliative care.

All aspects of the cancer care journey are coordinated by our oncology liaison service.

For more information please contact us:

Ringwood Cancer Centre - 1800 875 455
Ringwood Breast Care (Rapid access breast clinic) - 1800 774 774
Open Access Endoscopy Services - 03 8804 4001

The diagnosis of cancer can be a life changing event for individuals and their families.

People are required to deal with many challenges not only related to coming to terms with their diagnosis, treatment and potential side effects, but they also have to cope with the impact placed upon their emotional, psychological and social well-being.

In most cases how well an individual adjusts to and copes with their diagnosis, is dependent upon how well they are supported through this process.

We understand this, so our dedicated team of trained professionals are available to support you and your family by providing a wide range of free Cancer Support Services.

This includes patient groups, social work, counselling, newsletters and pastoral care.

Our dedicated team is available to support patients, family and friends, providing a wide range of Cancer Support Services to all in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

For cancer support services contact the Cancer Support Coordinator on 03 8804 4000.

New services:

Lymphoedema Clinic

Ringwood Private Hospital Lymphoedema Clinic, a much needed local service for patients, focusing on surveillance and early intervention of Lymphoedema.

For an appointment or Information on Lymphoedema, please call 03 8804 4050.

Rapid Access Clinics

We are also proud to offer rapid access clinics where patients won’t have to wait for care. Rapid access clinics operate 24/7, 365 day a year.

Patients with a GP referral are seen within 48 hours.

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